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If you are at epic.LAN, please go to http://tournaments.event.epiclan.net.


We will add the answers to any frequently asked questions about the epic.LAN Overwatch tournament here.

1. What is the team size?


2. I don't have a team or require an additional member

If you post in our forums here or join us in #epic.lan or Quakenet IRC you may be able to find a team with spare slots. Alternatively you will be able sign up as "in need" on our tournament system closer to the event and we will do our best to put you in a team providing there are still spaces available.

3. Which room do I have to be in to participate?

You can sit in any room as they are connected to the same network, one room will have background music and announcements for big games during the day the other room will not have music on and announcements will be limited to tournament information. We strongly recommend that players in the tournament pick a seat in the Portland room, which is also where the tournament admin team will be based. The seating picker is available here.

4. What happens if I get knocked out of the tournament?

Well that's the end of the main tournament for you, but we'll have plenty of other activities for you to enjoy over the weekend, such as other fun tournaments, pub quiz and big games programme. We are also planning to run this all weekend long so there is always a chance tomorrow.

5. What time will the tournament start?


6. Do we have to sign up to the tournament?

Yes. We'll open tournament signups online before the event.

7. How do I arrange my team's seating?

We have two ways in which you can manage team seating at our events.

a) One person buys all of the tickets (as vouchers) sits all of the team members and then allocates the voucher code to each team member to transfer the booking over.

b) Everybody books individually with the same clan tag and then nominates one person as the seating manager who can then control the team's seating arrangements.